Welcome to the meshii wifi community network

meshii wifi is a revolutionary network of internet gateway devices that uses decentralised protocols to create a large-scale public WiFi network in urban areas.

meshii wifi operates on a Proof of Connectivity (POC) concept, ensuring secure internet sharing. Participants in the network are given their own digital wallet, allowing them to stake, earn, and monetise their connectivity at their convenience. 

With rising utility and subscription costs burdening consumers in 2023, meshii wifi offers a solution to alleviate these monthly expenses. By contributing a portion of their internet to the wifi network, individuals can offset their costs effectively. 

meshii wifi rooftop device

The lack of a comprehensive, secure, and reliable public Wi-Fi network is a major problem worldwide. Utility bills and monthly subscription costs are rising rapidly, burdening both individuals and businesses.

Cellular internet services like 4G and 5G are unreliable in crowded areas and come with additional expenses. Poverty-stricken households struggle to access affordable broadband, hindering their livelihoods and children’s education. Developing countries have limited internet access controlled by profit-driven telecom companies. Students face increasing costs, including internet access, which hampers their education.

To overcome these challenges, governments, communities, and industry stakeholders must collaborate to establish accessible, community-driven Wi-Fi networks. This would alleviate financial pressure, empower marginalised communities, and ensure equitable education, fostering a more inclusive global society.

Meshii Wi-Fi is a decentralised Wi-Fi network designed to connect individuals and businesses to the internet.

In today’s digital age, internet connectivity has become an essential part of our daily lives. Whether for work, entertainment, or communication, we rely on the internet to stay connected and informed.

Meshii Wi-Fi is a revolutionary new network that empowers individuals and businesses across the UK by offering a decentralised, self-organising wireless network powered by blockchain technology. Users can enjoy high-speed internet access, enhanced security, and a new level of control over how we all access the internet.